East Coast Basketball Officials Association

The Basketball Official's Association for Palm Beach County

The ECBOA is dedicated to provide quality officiating for high school basketball games in Palm Beach County and throughout the State of Florida in such a way that enforces the rules in a fair and impartial manner while upholding the integrity of the game.

Statement from the ECBOA

Now, more than ever before, we at the ECBOA stand for justice, equality and the ability for all people to live a life free of fear and racial discrimination.  We remain in solidarity that when one of our brothers or sisters are hurting, we are all hurting.  We are determined to have each other’s backs at all times because that is what family does.  We are equal on the court and more importantly equal off of it.  We hold to the things that unite us and that is friendship, honor, respect and love for basketball.  Let us continue to show the world that sports is an integral part in bringing social change.  There is no room for any type of racism in our world.


The Board in an effort to bring awareness to this matter will be conducting round table/town hall discussions in the near future. The results of the round table/town hall will then be openly discussed with the general body. This will ensure that no individual regardless of Race, Sexual Orientation or Ethnicity felt or feels discriminated against.



ECBOA 2020 Party

Thanks to Bob Burns for Photos

President's Communications

August 2020


Dear Fellow Official,


Here is an update on ECBOA happenings and events:


ECBOA held a Social Injustice round table via Zoom with 27 officials participating.  The event, which was moderated by Board member Vince Holmes, provided a forum for open and respectful discussions and opinions on this issue.  Key themes and take-aways centered around our association’s diversity and professionalism, the importance to interact and relate to each other, and the need to be respectful of varying views and opinions.  Thank you to those that participated.  ECBOA’s statement on social injustice can be found on our website at ECBOA.org.


ECBOA conducted a state-wide webinar training session last month which was attended by over 150 officials. ECBOA Vice-President Mike Smith and myself led the presentation, which can be found on the home page of the FHSAA website.  Special thanks to Mike for putting the presentation together.


During the summer the Board has continued to examine our various policies and practices, which has led to some changes in our recommendation, scheduling, and evaluation policies. Of note is recent work done by our Evaluation committee who has taken a fresh look at our roster and made some ranking recommendations.  All changes have been or will be posted on our website (ECBOA.org).


As a result of the uncertainty around the timing of Fall sports, which may impact the start of basketball season, the Board has voted to delay the opening of registration with ECBOA.  It is noted that the FHSAA is open for registration, with an initial deadline of October 19th for winter sports such as basketball. We are closely monitoring the sports schedule and will provide updates as they become available.


Thanks, and stay healthy.


Joe Erwin