East Coast Basketball Officials Association

The Basketball Official's Association for Palm Beach County

The ECBOA is dedicated to provide quality officiating for high school basketball games in Palm Beach County and throughout the State of Florida in such a way that enforces the rules in a fair and impartial manner while upholding the integrity of the game.

Updates from the Board

The board has worked very hard this year to update our extremely out-dated bylaws.  Ready for membership approval is the document linked here.


Proposed Bylaws for ECBOA


Please review and email any questions or thoughts to Joe Erwin.

The membership will be asked to vote on the new bylaws at one of the first general meetings.


Also, please review the revised Recommendation Guidelines that the board has approved for the 2018/2019 season.


If you are interested in becoming an official, please check out our Join the ECBOA page.  We are making plans now for the 2018/2019 season.


Mark DeAtley


FHSAA 2018 Basketball Official of the Year


Mark is the 5th winner from ECBOA to win this distinguished award and first since 2008. Congratulations Mark.

President's Communications

July 2018

Dear Official:


Here is an update on ECBOA happenings and events:


• Congratulations to Mark DeAtley who was named the 2018

FHSAA Basketball Official of the Year.  Mark is the fifth official

from ECBOA to win this prestigious award and the first since

2008.  Mark was presented with the award at the FHSAA

Leadership Conference in Tampa.  Congratulations Mark and

thank you for all you do for ECBOA.


• Vince Holmes, Mark DeAtley, Michael Francois and Joe Erwin

represented ECBOA at the Leadership Conference.  Key

discussion items included:


i) the need for associations to have current by-laws, guidelines,

   procedures, etc.,


ii) better treatment of officials and support from the FHSAA,


iii) a new rules app which will be available upon registering with the FHSAA,


iv) a required preseason meeting with AD’s and coaches,


v) State Series assignments (how they are done and the desire to see the best officials),


vi) input and direction on the recommendation process,


vii) evaluating State Series crews earlier in the season,


viii) training our officials with an emphasis on:

       a) game management,

       b) NFHS rules,

       c) respect and sportsmanship,

       d) professionalism, and

       e) hustle and staying in your primary.  During the conference ECBOA was recognized by the FHSAA as doing a good job

           when it comes to training and evaluating our officials.


• I am pleased to report that the Board of Directors has approved a new set of By-Laws to replace our current set which is nearly 25 years old.  This is a significant accomplishment and we did it at no cost to the association.  The By-Laws will be posted to our website for all to review, and then they will be presented for a vote by the membership at one of our general meetings.  Take a look and advise in writing of any questions or comments.


• The Board of Directors has also approved changes to our Recommendation Guidelines, which changes are designed to promote more consistency in the recommendation process for selecting State Series crews.  The changes will also expand the committee from 3 to 5 and provide improved connectivity with our evaluation process.  Special thanks to liaison Vince Holmes for spearheading these changes.


•  The ABC Camp at Lynn University was well attended this year including officials from six different associations.  Feedback from the participants was very complimentary of the training they received from the clinicians.  It was encouraging to see many of our newer and veteran officials attend this four day camp.  Thank you Mark DeAtley and John Fouchet for all your hard work with ABC.


• The Board of Directors has approved the budget for 2018/2019 and dues will remain the same at $60; however, the FHSAA is raising the registration fee by $2.  Registration for both ECBOA and the FHSAA will open in mid-July and will be through Arbiter again this year.  Thanks to Erik Benz for his work on the budget and for keeping an eye on our spending.


• What do you think about an ECBOA-logo jacket?  The Board voted to present this to the membership for discussion and vote.  If approved it would not be a requirement until the following season.


What a busy month we had and congratulations again to Mark DeAtley for winning the 2018 FHSAA Basketball Official of the Year award.  Have a great summer and be on the lookout for more ECBOA updates.


Joe Erwin, President





2018 End of Year Banquet