East Coast Basketball Officials Association

The Basketball Official's Association for Palm Beach County

The ECBOA is dedicated to provide quality officiating for high school basketball games in Palm Beach County and throughout the State of Florida in such a way that enforces the rules in a fair and impartial manner while upholding the integrity of the game.


Check out these Officiating Camps.  Either for advancement or training, it's always a great idea to invest in yourself.

President's Communications

June 2019

Dear Fellow Official,


Here is an update on ECBOA happenings and events:


• June is a busy month for officiating camps including the ABC camp which is scheduled for June 20-23 at Lynn University in Boca Raton.  Please contact Mark DeAtley or John Fouchet for more information on this high school focused camp.  Also, a listing of other basketball officiating camps can be found on our website (ECBOA.org).


• I have presented the Board of Directors with a new Election Policy, which is designed to i) document our election process, ii) describe the duties and responsibilities of the election supervisor, iii) assure that no Board member (especially those running for re-election) is involved in the election process, and iv) provide for a back-up plan if the election supervisor is unable to fulfill his/her duties.  We will publish it on the website.


• The Board is reviewing our evaluation process and policy in an effort to improve upon how we do evaluations and communicate the results.  The goal is to streamline the process and provide our members with timely and meaningful evaluations during the season.  I have made this one of my top priorities for the 2019/2020 season.  More to come on this.


*  Anyone interested in getting involved in the Association should contact myself or any Board member.  We are in constant need of individuals to fill various roles, and this is a great way to be active in the Association.




Joe Erwin






2019 End of Year Banquet