East Coast Basketball Officials Association

The Basketball Official's Association for Palm Beach County

The ECBOA is dedicated to provide quality officiating for high school basketball games in Palm Beach County and throughout the State of Florida in such a way that enforces the rules in a fair and impartial manner while upholding the integrity of the game.

The ECBOA Calendar has been updated.


Boys and Girls High School Season starts in November.


First General Meeting is September 11 and New Official Orientation is September 4!


Updates from the board...


The board has been working this offseason.  We are proud to update our evaluation policies and election process.  Find greater detail on our evaluations here and election process here.



President's Communications

August 2019

Dear Fellow Official,


Here is an update on ECBOA happenings and events:


• It appears that the Palm Beach County School District will be utilizing ArbiterPay this coming season to pay contest officials.  We have made it clear to the District that our expectations are that there will be no cost to our officials.  We are awaiting final word on when this will be implemented.


• We continue to closely monitor the pay and registration discussions involving football and other Fall sports.  We remain supportive of our fellow officials in Palm Beach County and around the state, and have been engaged in various discussions on the topic.  To date the FHSAA has not changed their position of no pay increase for the coming season.  Additional information will be provided as it becomes available.


• Our meetings start in September beginning with New Officials on September 4th, followed by our first General meeting on September 11th.  Meetings start at 7:00 pm and will be held at the Palm Beach County School District Cafeteria.


•  We are finalizing the 2019-2020 calendar which will be posted to the website and include important meeting, testing, registration, training, and playoff dates.


• Key 2019-2020 NFHS Rule Changes include:

i) Headbands may now be up to 3” in width (previously 2”).  All other headband restrictions continue to apply.


ii) Clarifies that there are no restrictions on rolling the shorts at the natural waistband seam so long as they do not conflict with the other provisions of the governing rule (3-4-5).


iii) The head coach and any number of assistant coaches may enter the court in the situation where a fight may break out – or has broken out – to prevent the situation from escalating.


iv) A ball in team control by Team A in the front court that has been deflected by the defender, which causes the ball to go in the back court, may be recovered by either team unless the offense was the last to touch the ball before going into the back court.  If the offense was the last to touch the ball in the front court, only the defense can legally recover the ball.


v) Pre-game meeting with Administrators/Crowd Control is a Point of Emphasis.  It is the expectation that Administrators will manage the student body, parents, and all other spectators, and be proactive in crowd supervision and control.


• Reminder that ECBOA-logo jackets will be mandatory for this season.  Danny Barkin will be taking jacket orders as we get closer to the season.  Also, we will have an FHSAA-approved uniform vendor attend one of our General meetings in October.


Look forward to seeing everyone in September.


Joe Erwin











2019 End of Year Banquet