East Coast Basketball Officials Association

Assignment Committee Policies

Assigner's Responsibilities

The Assignment Committee is responsible for overseeing the entire contest assignment procedure within the local officials association. This includes ensuring compliance with requirements on the composition of officiating crews, reviewing and approving each member official’s schedule of assigned contests and making the assigning officer aware of any corrections that need to be made before the assignment schedule is

submitted to the membership. It is not implied that the Assignment Committee is to make assignments.



Must be Made by Assignment Officer.


The assignment of each member official to regular season contests (events that do not require FHSAA and/or NFHS sanctioning) must be made by the local officials association’s

assignment officer and approved by the association’s Assignment Committee before being issued to the member official.




Criteria to be Followed in Making Assignments.


(1) The criteria to be followed in assigning a member official to a regular season contest are:

      (a) The qualifications and ability of the official as determined by his/ her FHSAA ranking, the official’s

           performance on the most recent FHSAA rules examination and evaluations of the official made by the

           local officials association;


      (b) If a local officials association permits a school with which it is contracted to scratch or otherwise

           request that a particular official not be assigned to officiate its contests, the assignment officer must not

           assign that official to that school’s home contests.


(2) Assignments giving preference to a particular school or official are prohibited.


(3) Crews assigned to officiate varsity level boys and girls contests must have one official with four or more

      years’ experience (Rank 1 or 2) unless a Rank 3 official is evaluated to be exceptional. The assignment of

      the referee for football should be a Rank 1 or Rank 2 official with a minimum of five years of FHSAA

      experience or its interscholastic equivalent.


(4) Crews assigned to officiate junior varsity contests must have a minimum

      of one Rank 1 or Rank 2 official.


(5) Officials who have not taken the sport exam for the current year may not work varsity contests after grades

      are posted unless approved by the FHSAA Office.