East Coast Basketball Officials Association


Training Committee


Chairman- Mitch Kaufman

Member-  DD King

Member -  Mike Lewis


Board Member Liaison:

Jim Marzullo & Mike Smith


The Training Committee is responsible for the planning, content

and implementation of training sessions, including on-court

training.  This also includes educating local officials on FHSAA

policies and procedures, NFHS rules and mechanics, and

developing a curriculum that is current and effective in both

content and methodology.


Recommendation Committee


Chairman- Phil Napuli

Member-  Tony Payne

Member - Hector Roman



Board Member Liaison:

Vince Holmes


The Recommendation Committee is responsible fore reviewing the evaluations of each member official during the regular season.  This committee is also responsible for preparing and submitting to the FHSAA office a list of officials who deserve consideration for assignment to state series contests.  The assignment officer should act on the recommendations of this committee.

Evaluation Committee


Chairman- Pete Bataglia

Member- Danny Barkin

Member- Darin DeCosta


Board Member Liaison:

Andrea Boone


The Evaluation Committee is responsible for setting up the

process and selecting those individuals who will assist with the

evaluation of member officials within the local officials

association.  Each official with two or more years experience

should be evaluated at least once during each season.  First-year

officials should be evaluated periodically throughout the season

so that mini-clinics may be offered, if necessary, to re-enforce

good officiating skills.


Assignment Committee


Chairman- Bernard Arnette

Member- Aaron Chambliss

Member- Mike Lewis


Board Member Liaison:

Erik Benz


The Assignment Committee is responsible for overseeing the

entire contest assignment procedure within the local officials

association.  This includes ensuring compliance with

requirements on the composition of officiating crews, reviewing

and approving each member official's schedule of assigned

contests, and making the assigning officer aware of any

corrections that need to be made before the assignment schedule

is submitted.  It is not implied that the Assignment Committee is

to make assignments.


Grievance Committee


Chairman- Jarvis Gully

Member- Steve Gonedes

Member- Toderick Brooks


Board Member Liaison:

Michael Francois


The Grievance Committee is responsible for hearing complaints

and appeals made or brought by one or more of its member

officials.  Member officials who have grievances because of

penalties may appeal under the provisions of the local officials

association's Constitution, By-Laws and/or FHSAA.