East Coast Basketball Officials Association

Frequently Asked Questions of the

East Coast Basketball Officials




1. What schools does the ECBOA officiate?


The ECBOA covers all girls and boys High School level games, both public and private, in Palm Beach County, Florida.




2. When do meetings begin?


The first General Business Meeting and training session will be Wednesday September 11th. The first training meeting for Officials new to ECBOA and transfers will be September 4th.




3. Where are meetings held?


Meetings will be generally held at the Palm Beach County School District Headquarters, on Forest Hill Blvd, in the cafeteria, but check the published calendar for exact locations. Meetings are held every week in September and October for newbies and every other week for returning officials until the season begins. Meetings are held as needed after the season starts.




4. How do I register to become a member of the ECBOA?


Registration can be done online at www.ecboa.org , until October 18th. Between October 19th and November 8th there will be a $20.00 LATE FEE added. You must have an e-mail address so that you can use our scheduling system to receive games




5. Is there a fee to becoming a member of the ECBOA?


Yes – fees are set each year and will be 50.00.00 for 2019-2020, payable by

credit or debit card only online when registering.




6. Does the ECBOA have a website I can review?


Yes – you can view our website at www.ecboa.org.




7. How are my games scheduled?


The ECBOA has a “Booking Commissioner”, Mark DeAtley, who works with the ECBOA, the Assignment Committee, and the Palm Beach County Athletic office to assign officials to games. Mark’s email is: tails47@hotmail.com




8. Are there any other organizations that I must join?


Yes – you must register with the Florida High School Activities Association (FHSAA) at www.fhsaa.org annually on their website.




9. How do I register with the state (FHSAA)?


You must register at www.fhsaa.org   . Registration fee is $46.00 for 2019-2020 season




10. Is there is deadline for registering with the state?


Yes, the drop dead date is November 8th – please go to www.fhsaa.org and refer to the “Contest Officials” section for further registration information.




11. As a new official what can I expect during the season?


You can expect to work a variety of boys and girls middle school, freshman and possible JV level games. You will learn to see the game from an entirely different perspective. You will work with some very talented high school and college officials that enjoy this avocation. Hopefully you will find it rewarding as well as challenging and have an opportunity to meet some great officials who all share the same respect for the game.




12. Are there tests I’ll need to pass to officiate?


The FHSAA administers a 50 questions online exam that officials must take each year.




13. What equipment will I need to get to officiate?


Officials will need a standard uniform, (pleated blank pants, grey striped FHSAA approved officials shirt, black sox, and black Officials shoes. A

couple of Fox 40 “Classic” whistles and lanyards, as well as a black ECBOA official’s warm up jacket. (Uniforms and supplies are available Purchase Officials or several other FHSAA Approved vendors, jackets are available thru ECBOA.)




14. Where can I purchase this equipment?


There are many places on line that sell this equipment. Locally Purchase Officials in Ft. Lauderdale is just one of several. Many companies have an “Officials Starter Package” which has everything you will need in one package at a discount. We also have a vendor come to one of our meetings so you can purchase directly. This allows you the ability to see first hand what you are purchasing, and also get assistance from members.




15. What is the pay plan for officials?


Depending on the level of the game, pay per game varies. JV and freshman games pay 57.00, Varsity 2-Man pays 67.00 and Varsity 3-Man pays 62.00.

Officials are paid a $22.00 travel fee included in this amount (per day, not game). You will be asked to sign a payment request sheet at each school

before the game, and you must have a W-9 on file with the School Board in order for the schools to process payment.




16. How often are we paid?


Generally within 2 to 3 weeks. Public Schools will pay thru ArbiterPay. Private schools will pay by check sent directly to yo0u, or occasionally cash at the door.




17. Do I need to keep track of my game payments?


Yes –Neither the ECBOA nor the Palm Beach School system keeps track of when you worked and if you were paid. You are an independent contractor

and it’s your responsibility to maintain this.




18. What kind of training is available to me?


Training for Officials will involve classroom, as well as on floor training prior to the season starting. Transfers and all members of the association

spend time at each meeting reviewing a variety of topics that are pertinent to all levels of officiating.




19. Gas is expensive do you keep me working close to home?


Depending on your home location the Booking Commissioner takes this into account as he works with the County to assign games.




20. Is there a background check that must be passed?


Yes, all officials must be fingerprinted by the Palm Beach School District Police Department, and must pass a level 2 criminal background check in

conjunction with the Jessica Lunsford Act. More information on this can be found at www.ecboa.org. Fee for this background check is $47.00 and is good for 5 years. Payment must be made in the form of a Money Order ONLY. If you are a COUNTY SCHOOL BOARD EMPLOYEE you are good to go




21. I work in the School System in Palm Beach County, how does that affect me?


You can’t officiate ANY games at a school you work at, a member of your family works at, or if you are within 4 years of graduating from a school.

You must make the Booking Commissioner aware of any conflicts you may have prior to the season starting