East Coast Basketball Officials Association

Training Session 1 For New Officials


September 11, 2019



Our first session will allow each new official to become familiarized with each other, the training program, terms and basics of officiating that will become the foundation for future trainings.


Each official should walk away from the first session with a base level understanding of what is to be expected and with an understanding of terminology , officiating positions and signals.

Session Outline


• Follow up from last week’s meeting.  (5-10 minutes)

   -  Introduce any new officials that were not present previous week.

   - Re introduce training committee members.  Each person will have a moment to address the class.


• Mentor program – follow up from Anthony (5 minutes)

    - Everyone clear on what the mentor program is and how it works?

    - Refresh the benefits of having a mentor guide you, choose one that you feel comfortable with.


• Basketball definitions and terminology

   - Going over basic terminology so each official can follow along at future trainings. Use visual aids like a court diagram on screen to help illustrate

      things like the reporting area, coaches box, ect...


Basketball Terms


• Breakdown of the 2 man coverage areas.

   - Visual of L & T areas in 2 man (photo)

   - Illustrate how to rotate on foul calls and change of possession. (Follow up next week on floor training)




• Hand signal basics (see separate sheet)

    - Visual demonstration of the FHSAA hand signal chart.  More on this at next weeks on court training.




• Q & A session.

    - Next meeting 9/18 @ John I Leonard.  Sneakers and shorts, whistle if you have it.  We will be doing on court training for proper rotations and

      primary coverage areas as well as foul reporting practice.