East Coast Basketball Officials Association



In this, the fourth session, we will be concentrating on the rules test.  We will discuss how the test is formatted and ook over several practice questions.


By the end of this session, officials should have an understanding and readiness for the NFHS Basketball Rules Test

Rules test review.


   - What is the FHSAA rules test and how it is applied.

   - Best way to take the test and do well

     1. Get with a group of officials or a partner

     2. Take your time, there is no time limit.  Can save and return as many times as you want.

     3. Do 5 questions at a time, look each one up in the rule book.

     4. Call a mentor or veteran official for any questions.


• Go over sample test questions from the 16-17 review test (See separate sheet) certain questions have been highlited in yellow for review with new officials.


Test is Here.


   - We will discuss these questions with game application

   - We will talk about why these rules are important and where they arise in game situations



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