East Coast Basketball Officials Association

Training Syllabus

Meeting #1:       Sept. 7th               School District Cafeteria


What is an “Excellent Official”, FHSAA/ECBOA Expectations and Requirements to officiate, Registration and Dues, Meetings, Rules Test, The Mentoring Program, Evaluations, Uniform Requirements.



Meeting #2:       Sept. 14th             School District Cafeteria


Review Meeting #1, “Common Sense Officiating”, Why Officiate?  Mechanics and Techniques of Officiating, Blow Whistle



Meeting #3:       Sept. 21                On Court Training Site at Benjamin Middle School


Two-Man Mechanics, Floor Position and Coverage, Review 38 Hand Signals and Practice Signals, Blow The Whistle.



Meeting #4:       Sept. 28th             On Court Training Site at Benjamin Middle School


Review Meeting #3, Handout work sheets with Simplified & Illustrated Rules information on Rule #4.



Meeting #5:       Oct. 5th                 School District Cafeteria


Review Test Questions & Casebook examples, Review Test Taking methodology and studying for the test.  and open discussion with  State Test: 10/24-11/2 – Game Video Review



Meeting #6:       Oct. 11th               On Court Training Site at Benjamin Middle School


Two-man Floor Position & Coverage, Whistle Technique, Jump Ball Administration, Throw-in Administration, Free-throw Administration, Reporting Fouls, Time-out Administration and Positioning,



Meeting #7:      Oct 19th                 School District Cafeteria


Review Meeting #6,  Pre-game Positioning, Coaches Meeting, Table Administration and Discussion, Half Time Procedure, Over-time Administration, End of Game Procedure, Back Court Violations, Free Throw Violations, Closely Guarded Counts and Procedures, Coaches Boxes & Coaches/Team Personnel Location, Leaving the Court Violation, Technical Foul Administration, Intentional Foul administration, Players Disqualification Procedure, End of Game Mechanics & Procedure/ Video Game Review



Meeting #8:       Oct 26                   Site TBD


TBA Review Meeting #7, On Court Officiating



10/29 Saturday @ 8:30AM located at TBD


New Official & JV Evaluations.



Meeting #9:       Nov 2nd                School District Cafeteria


Review & Discuss results of Saturday on Court Officiating and Evaluations.  Film Review of Game Situation



Meeting #10:     Nov 16th               Site TBD


Discuss game assignment procedures, Season expectations and self evaluations.  What does it take to get better?  What is an Excellent Official?  Mentor Process?



Meeting #11:     Nov. 30                  School District Cafeteria

Meeting #12:     Dec. 12                  School District Cafeteria