East Coast Basketball Officials Association


ECBOA members shall follow the following policy regarding non-payment of game fees (applicable to Regular Season games only):




1.  If a member does not receive their game fee within 14 days of their assigned game they shall complete the attached Game Fee Recovery Form, which shall be certified as true and accurate.


2. Upon completion of the Game Fee Recovery Form it shall be forwarded to the designated ECBOA Game Fee Recovery Liaison (“Liaison”).


3. Upon receipt of Game Fee Recovery Forms, the Liaison shall contact Palm Beach County School Board Rep and provide a copy of all Game Fee Recovery Forms.  This shall be done once a week on Friday.


4. Within 7 days of receipt of a Game Fee Recovery Form the Palm Beach County School Board Rep shall be requested to report back to the Liaison regarding the status of missing game fees.


5. Absent a satisfactory response from the Palm Beach County School Board Rep and/or a satisfactory explanation regarding the timing of the missing payment, as so determined by the Liaison, the Liaison shall be permitted to contact the school directly in an effort to collect the missing game fee.


6. The Liaison shall work directly with the member to collect the missing game fee using all reasonable efforts.


7. Incomplete forms will not be considered.


It is noted that this Policy applies to Regular Season Game Fees only and does not apply to Holiday games, District games, Regional games or State games.  Further, it is understood that ECBOA is not responsible nor liable for payment of game fees, and this policy is meant to assist members in collecting missing game fee payments.  The member represents that all statements made on the Game Fee Recovery Form are true and accurate.  Further, failure to disclose any pertinent information regarding the missing game fee will void the submitted Game Fee Recovery Form and/or delay assistance with recovery efforts.



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