East Coast Basketball Officials Association

Recommendation Committee Guidelines


Revised: June, 2018


I. Committee


      A. The Recommendations Committee (the “Committee”) as required by the FHSAA, will be composed of five (5) voting members including one (1)

          Chairperson, one (1) Member at Large (both of which shall be nominated by the Board Liaison for approval by a vote of the Board of Directors),

          the Association’s Booking Commissioner, and two (2) voting members to be elected by the general membership.  The Board Liaison (non-voting

          member) will also be part of the Committee.  In the event there are not enough candidates to be elected by the general membership then the

          Board of Directors shall appoint these positions.


      B. Any ECBOA member in good standing who is not currently a member of the Board of Directors will be eligible to be nominated and elected to the

          Committee.  The Chairperson of the Committee will announce at the first general ECBOA meeting the availability of the two (2) open positions on

          the Committee.  The general membership body will be asked to nominate or volunteer themselves for the positions. The election to the two (2)

          voting members to the Committee will take place at the next general scheduled meeting.  The two (2) members that receive the highest numbers

          of votes will be elected to the Committee for the current season.


       C. The Chairperson and Member at Large, both of which shall be appointed as outlined in paragraph A above, shall be appointed for a term of two

           years, but staggard such that every year there is one Committee member appointment.  The two voting members who are elected by the

           general membership shall be elected for a term of two years.  The objective is to promote continuity of the Committee.



II. Duties & Responsibilities


       A. The primary responsibility of the Committee will be to select eligible ECBOA members to be considered by the FHSAA for assignment to the

           State Series contests (i.e. Regional and State games).   All ECBOA members in good standing who have met all FHSAA requirements and all

           ECBOA qualifications set forth by the Board of Directors will be eligible for consideration and recommendation by the Committee.


      B. The Committee’s list of crews, which will be sent to the FHSAA for consideration for both the Girls and Boys State Series, will be published to all

           members one week prior to the 1st General meeting in January.


      C. The Committee shall meet as often as necessary to complete the Boys and Girls lists in time to be submitted to the Board of Directors for

           comment according to the schedule for the year.  The Board Liaison will coordinate the Committee meeting dates and times.


      D. Prior to, or at the first Committee meeting, the Booking Commissioner shall provide all members of the Committee with a list of all the members

           that have met the ECBOA/FHSAA eligibility requirements for consideration, the current FHSAA Muster, current ECBOA rankings, a copy of each

           of the past 3 years State lists, electronic evaluation scores from the FHSAA of ECBOA members who have worked Regional or State Tournament

           games over the previous 4 years, or attended the FHSAA Summer Evaluation Clinic over the previous 3 years, the blocked dates returned by

           members, the listing of Top 30 officials comprising the “Pool” as provided by the Evaluation Committee, and any other information deemed

           pertinent to the selection process as determined by the Booking Commissioner in his/her reasonable discretion.


      E. Once the Committee is satisfied with their recommended list, correspondence should be sent out to all Officials on the first 3 crews on both the

          Boys and Girls sides, stating they are being considered for selection to one of the top 3 crews, and asking for any dates they wouldn’t be

          available for during the State Series.



III. Considerations


      A. Some thoughts to be considered when putting the list together: All crews represent ECBOA, and Officials selected to the State Series list should

          possess the skills and abilities to officiate a State Series game as reasonably determined by the Committee utilizing the Pool as provided by the

          Evaluation Committee.  The Committee shall endeavor place any official listed in the Pool who has not previously officiated a State contest on the

          top two crews.


      B. No non-voting Member of the Committee shall introduce a personal list of crews. The formation of the Crews is the responsibility of the voting

          Members; however, they shall be open to feedback and guidance from the Board Liaison.


      C. The responsibility of the Board Liaison is to make sure the Committee meets, and functions as intended, as well as to report any issues back to

           the Board of Directors. The Board Liaison is not a voting member, rather an overseer and advisor.


      D. The Committee shall place no voting member of the Committee on crews #1, or #2 in either the Boys or Girls crews.


      E. Rules knowledge is imperative.  Make every effort to have at least one Official who is Ranked a “1” by the FHSAA on each crew.


      F. The Committee shall assemble not less than 12 crews for each the Boys and Girls side.


      G. Perception is reality. Committee members should be very cognizant of where they place themselves.


      H. When deciding between two or more Officials for a particular crew, consider the individual contribution of each Official to the Association.


      I.  Strive to make good decisions on the Crew Chief.  They are critical to the betterment of the crew and should have the necessary experience,

          knowledge and expertise to be a Crew Chief.


      J. Keep in mind up and coming Officials in our Association, and strive to reward these Officials in the selection process where warranted.


      K. If even crews can’t be made, Officials remaining may be listed as Alternates.


      L. The Pool should be the primary consideration when selecting Officials for the top crews on the list.  Strive to select our best Officials based on the

          Association’s existing ranking process, who otherwise meet the necessary requirements outlined herein.  Every effort should be made to place an

          official listed in the Pool who has not previously officiated at the State tournament on the top two crews.  An exception to this would be any official

          who receives an improvement in their ranking from a 110 or 120 to a 105 or 100 during the season.  By way of example, if an official has his/her

          ranking improved from 120 to 110 or better during the season, he or she should not be on the top two crews for that season.  Another example

          would be if an official has his/her ranking improved from a 110 to 105 or better during the season, he or she should not be on the top two crews

          for that season.  Officials moving from a 105 to 100 during the season would not be effected, and would be permitted to be on the top two crews.


     M. To the extent a selected Official on the top 3 crews cannot commit to the State Series dates, it is strongly recommended that they not be placed

          on a top 3 crew.


     N.  The officials placed on crew #2 shall automatically become crew #1 the following year provided their ranking status has not changed, they were

          not selected to officiate at the State tournament, and they otherwise remain in compliance with the requirements outlined herein.



 IV. Eligibility Qualifications


        A. ECBOA members must meet all requirements of the FHSAA and must be a member in good standings of the ECBOA. The Committee shall

           assign a minimum of twelve (12) crews each for the Boys and Girls state series contests.  An Official who was assigned by the Committee to a

           Boys or Girls State Semi-Final or Championship game the previous year shall be ineligible from being placed on crews 1, 2 or 3 unless there are

           not enough eligible Officials available for the top 3 crews.


      B. To be eligible for selection to the FHSAA State Series contest; ECBOA members must meet the following ECBOA qualifications.


           1. Have attended a minimum of four (4 ) General Membership meetings, or has met substitute criteria set forth by the Board before December



           2. Have worked a minimum of six (6) games on the side (Boys or Girls) in which the Official is being considered prior to December 15th.


           3. Have not turned back a maximum of two (2) contests before December 1st


           4. Has a ECBOA ranking of 100, 105, 110, or 120.


           5. Is otherwise in compliance with all FHSAA requirements pertaining to the State selection process.


           6. Exceptions shall require approval of both the President and Booking Commissioner.




V)  Limitation of Finals or Semi-Finals


       A. The maximum number of State Finals or Semi-Final games an official is permitted to officiate in a four (4) year period is two unless the official is

           selected by the FHSAA to officiate a State contest.



VI) Posting


       A.  One week prior to the first Committee meeting a list of Officials who have met the FHSAA and ECBOA qualifications will be posted on the

           Association’s website.  Any Official who feels that he/she has met the qualifications but does not see their name on the list shall contact the

           Booking Agent or a member of the Committee for review of their qualifications.  If it is determined that he/she is in fact qualified, their name will

           be added to the list.  Posting of the approved Ranking list shall satisfy this requirement.



VII. Selection – Approval


       A. In accordance with the approved ECBOA calendar, the Committee will first present their recommendations to the Board of Directors for review-

           discussion. The Board, through the Board Liaison, shall make comments back to the Recommendations Committee for consideration, based on

           knowledge of facts which may not have been known to the Committee when composing the lists, or any intentional oversights.  The Committee is

           not bound to make any changes suggested by the Board, unless they have to do with the eligibility of any Official to be considered on the list, but

           will consider such feedback from the Board of Directors.


      B. The Committee selections for the State Series of officials and their crew assignments will then be published to all ECBOA members at least one

           week prior to the first General Meeting in January as stated in the approved ECBOA calendar.


      C. The Membership will approve the lists at the first scheduled General Meeting in January, and then the list should be sent to the FHSAA by the

           Booking Commissioner pursuant to FHSAA requirements.  If the Membership does not approve the lists then the Booking Commissioner shall

           advise the FHSAA that the lists were not approved by the membership, and any assignments made by the FHSAA will be made as so directed by

           the FHSAA.


      D. Changes to Approved Lists:


           1. If changes need to be made prior to Membership approval, the Booking Commissioner, Board Liaison, and Committee Chairman will confer as

               to how best resolve the any issues.  The Committee Chairman, before going to the Membership, should discuss the proposed changes with

               other members of the Committee.


           2. Every effort should be made to fill open slots in succession, when possible with the least amount of disruption to the initial crew list.


           3. If changes are needed to be made after Membership approval, the Executive Board (comprised of the President, Vice President, Secretary,

               and Treasurer); along with the Booking Commissioner and Board Liaison (if not part of the Executive Board), will confer as to how best resolve

               any issues or disputes, and if necessary, a vote shall be taken.  In the event of a tie vote, the President shall make the final determination.  As

               time allows, the Chairman of the Committee should be made aware of the issues as a courtesy, and any feedback should be considered;

               however, the ultimate decision lies with the aforementioned individuals.  Once any change has been made, the President shall communicate

               the change in writing to all Board members.  All communications with the FHSAA will go through the Booking Commissioner pursuant to

               FHSAA guidelines.