East Coast Basketball Officials Association

2016/2017 State Crew Recommendations


Please join us for the January 11 Meeting to vote on the confirmation of these crews.


Congratulations to those voted on the list.  It is a statement of your work and dedication to your officiating.


    Boys                              Girls

1 Joe Erwin                          1 L. Brommel

   T. Payne                               H. Roman

   P. Napuli                               E. Benz


2 M. DeAtley                        2 M. Thomas

   M. Kaufman                         M. Moran

   D. DeCosta                          L. Bradford


3 Feliberty                           3 B. Arnette

   A. Boone                              DD King

   K. Finneran                          D. Barkin


4 J. Fouchet                         4 A. Boone

   L. Brommel                          B. Lively

   M. Francois                          M. Lewis


5 B. Arnette                          5 V. Holmes

   V. Holmes                            B. Blake

   D. Brooks                             M. Francois


6 D. Schwartz                       6 T. Payne

   D. Condon                            D. Brooks

   R. Davis                                J. Marzullo


7 J. Duberstein                    7 D. Schwartz

   H. Roman                            J. Alin

   M. Thomas                          J. Pierre


8 B. Blake                            8 Feliberty

   A. Luby                                W. Shelton

   M. Moran                             R. Davis


9 D. Barkin                           9 M. Williams

   B. Lively                               J. Dawson

   L. Bradford                           B. Burns


10 M. Lewis                         10 A. Mancino

     E. Benz                               M. Arnette

     A. Mancino                          M. Smith


11 M. Williams                     11 C. Metcalf

    W. Shelton                            A. Luby

    E. Russell                             J. Gulley


12 B. Burns                          12 G. Bell

     M. Smith                              Wes Shelton

     DD King                               F. Grice


13 J. Marzullo                      13 E. Russell

     J. Dawson                           J. Shamash

     J. Shamash                         B. Walcheski


14 C. Metcalf                       14 S. Gonedes

     J. Alin                                  A. Faucher

     M. Arnette                           Fred Green