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New Update

2020/2021 Practice Test

2020/2021 Answer Key

Rules Test Central

****Be Aware of Rule Changes****

Arbiter Provides an on-line copy of Rule and Case Books as well as the Officials Manual and Handbook.


Go to your Arbiter page.  Click on Switch View.  Then next to the organization name "NFHS" click on the "Central Hub" link.  This will take you to the NFHS page.  Click on Publications.  Then choose Basketball Publications.


Often there are questions on the test from the Officials Manual and Handbook.  Read these books from the on-line library.



2019/2020 Practice Test Answers

2014/2015 Rule Book

2013/2014 Practice Test    Sample 1

2011/2012 Case Book

2013/2014 Practice Test    Sample 2

2016/2017 Practice Test

2015/2016 Practice Test

On thr 2016/2017 Test,


Question 37 should be "C"   Rule 2.1.1 does not include the Jacket


Question 62 should be false.  4 free throws are not awarded


Question 87 should be "C"  1 minute between periods - 4 minutes actual period

Tips for Good Test Taking


 1.  Read the Rule and Case Books


 2.  Take the test in groups


 3.  Read the Rule and Case Books


 4.  Use the practice tests


 5.  Read the Rule and Case Books


 6.  If you can't find the answer in the book, trying googling it.


      Highlight the question on the test -

      Click "ctrl c" to copy -

      Go to your google search bar and click "ctrl v" to paste.

      Then google will do the searching for you.


 7.  Read the Officials Manual and Handbook


 8.  If you are not sure of a question, skip it and make sure you get the ones you know.

      Then come back when you have more time to search the ones you don't.


 9.  Read the Rule and Case Books


 10.  Most digital forms allow for a keyword search.  Try clicking "ctrl F" to bring up a word search bar in your document.

       This feature will scan the document for your word.  Click "next" until you find a copy of your question.


 11.  Read the Rule and Case Books


 12.  Pay special attention to Rule Changes, Points of Emphasis and Editorial Changes.  There are usually multiple

        questions relating to these.